Stute Jars Include Sugarwise Logo

Stute Jars Include Sugarwise Logo

Stute Foods has been a Supporting Member of Sugarwise for 1 year and to mark this milestone the company will now include the Sugarwise logo on all 8 varieties on it's No Sugar Added Jams and Marmalades.

Stute Foods is the only jam on the market that has been certified with Sugarwise marque. Sugarwise approved products have gone through extensive testing to ensure consumers can be confident that products are low in sugar.

Sugarwise is the international authority for sugar claims, with more than 300 products certified, that are shipping in over 65 countries across Europe, Australia, China, and the Middle East.

The Sugarwise marque is the trusted and recognised sign guaranteeing that the sugar claims made on packaging have been independently verified, and that the product is low in any of the sugars or sweeteners people need to limit, referencing World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

As the only international certification body for sugar claims, Sugarwise assesses the following claims: sugar free, low sugar, no added sugar, reduced sugar, low calorie and calorie free.

Look out for the Sugarwise logo which will be appearing on jars from February 2018. For more information on Sugarwise please visit